California Anti-Fraud Regulations

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California Anti-Fraud Regulations  

Section 2698.30 (l) Integral anti-fraud personnel includes insurer personnel who the insurer has not identified as being directly assigned to its SIU but whose duties may include: the processing, investigating, or litigation pertaining to payment or denial of a claim or application for adjudication of claim or application for insurance. These personnel may include claims handlers, underwriters, policy handlers, call center staff within the claims or policy function, legal staff, and other insurer employee classifications that perform similar duties.

Section 2698.39 - Anti Fraud Training:
(a) The insurer shall establish and maintain an ongoing anti-fraud training program, planned and conducted to develop and improve the anti-fraud awareness skills of the integral anti-fraud personnel.
(b) The insurer shall designate an SIU staff person to be responsible for coordinating the ongoing anti-fraud training program.
(c) The anti-fraud training program shall consist of three levels:
  1. All newly- hired employees
  2. Integral anti-fraud personnel
  3. The SIU personnel

*Update 10/2020 - 2698.39 (c)(3)
The SIU personnel shall receive at least five (5) hours of continuing anti-fraud training per calendar year. The training shall include; instruction in one or more of the following topics:
  1. Investigative techniques;
  2. Communication with the Fraud Division and authorized governmental agencies;
  3. Fraud indicators;
  4. Emerging fraud trends; or
  5. Legal and related issues

*Update 10/2020 - 2698.39 (d)
The training requirements stated in subdivision (c) of this Section 2698.39 shall not apply to persons retained to provide an expert opinion on a medical, technical, or scientific topic on behalf of the insurer and who do not participate in the claims handling or decision making function of the insurer.

*Update 10/2020 - 2698.39 (e)
Training, instruction, or courses that may be used in order to satisfy the requirement stated in subdivision (c)(3) of this section shall include, without limitation: anti-fraud conferences; SIU round-tables hosted by the Fraud Division; anti-fraud association meetings and training; and insurer in-house training.

Section 2698.42 Penalties
(a) If the Commissioner acts pursuant to the provisions of California Insurance Code Section 1875.24( c) or (d) and finds that the insurer has failed to comply with the provisions of this article, the Commissioner shall impose a monetary penalty in an amount not to exceed $5,000 for each act of non-compliance. Where the Commissioner determines that an insurer has willfully failed to comply with this article, the Commissioner may impose a monetary penalty in an amount not to exceed $ 10,000 for each willful act of non -compliance.

On June 19, 2020, the California Department of Insurance (CDI) finalized their updates to the DOI Special Investigative Units (SIU) regulations regarding fraud compliance and SIU's in particular. Some of the key changes are contracted responsibilities, the investigation of suspected fraud, the referral of suspected fraud, and enhanced annual SIU training requirements.

The DOI is conducting 10x as many audits as before meaning new regulations are more dense, stringent, and increase the odds of being fined for failure to comply. Audits performed by the CA Departments of insurance can be up to $10,000 per finding.

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Revised SIU Regulations Presentation, Effective Date October 1, 2020

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